Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Christmas Home Tour

I’m so happy to have you all here for another Christmas home tour. Last week I showed you the front of my home, the foyer, and half bath. The foyer and half bath are done in a rustic Christmas, which I found my inspiration from my Coke crate.  My tree was my inspiration for my goal on how I wanted my living room to turn out this year.


As come in the living room from the foyer, we have this old dresser. This pink tree is special for my husband and me, it was our first tree together. The Santa’s are the start of my little collection that is displayed around the corner in the dining room.  



Christmas Tree

My thought for my tree was all white, glass, silver with little touches of gold. The dollar store is a great place to find really nice looking Christmas ornaments, or I shop the clearance racks at the end of the season.  

I used two different kinds of beads, the smaller beads were bought at Hobby Lobby in the Mini tree section. I think I have about 4 or 5 strands of these mini bead garlands on the tree. 

The ribbon is a sheer type that I believe was found in the wedding section at the craft store. Adding bows gave me the final look that I was after. 

The tree skirt, I used quilting batting and tulle to give a snowy look. This year I carried the batting and tulle over into my snow village that I have set up under and next to the tree.  

If you follow my Facebook page you might have seen my first ever video, where I talk about my tree and village.


About the village

Under and next to my Christmas tree, I have my Department 56 snow village. There are about 24 buildings and a ton of accessories to go along with the buildings.

This is my second year with all these pieces, I was blessed with the opportunity to buy my sister in laws collection just before we moved into the new house. 

All these pieces made for a challenge of how we wanted to display the village, so this is the first year of having it under the Christmas tree. 


We used boards as our base so the village wasn’t just sitting on the carpet. Knowing that I didn’t want the village just to be one level, we placed foam boards on top of the wood boards to give the village some height. The foam was also one way I was able to hide some of the wires that go into the buildings.


Once we had the height we were looking for, I covered the foam with the same batting and tulle that I used for the tree skirt. With that finished,  I was able to start placing the buildings and accessories were I wanted. 


Living Room

Since the Christmas tree was all white and glass with touches of silver I wanted to carry that out in the living room.

Trying to working with what I had, for the most part, I was able to accomplish this.  However I did buy a couple new things, this lantern was a great find at Micheals on their clearance rack. 

Shopping at discount stores is also a good way of finding new things to add, take the deer at the top of the bookcase. I found him at a Goodwill store for 1.99. 



These cute deer were my splurge this year, they are from World Market. But the tree that they are standing in front of is from Goodwill again only paying 1.99 for it. 


Curio Cabinet



This curio cabinet we bought as a wedding gift to our selves, 18 years ago. This was a great place to display all these glass figures. My favorite is the individual pieces that make up the nativity set and the angle that is standing behind it.  

Using more tulle to place under the glass figures in the cabinet also ties the curio cabinet back to the Christmas tree. And this Santa will help tie into the Santa collection I was talking about earlier in the dining room. 


I really hope you all enjoyed this Christmas tour of my home, be on the lookout for my final tour. ~ Jenny

Christmas Home Tour Part One

Christmas Tour

I’ll start my Christmas home tour right at the front door. I wanted the front door to represent what the inside is like, full of Holiday Cheer. 

The garland that I used was from Micheal’s, I ended up using two on the door. I made the bows and just took a few pieces of the ribbon to put on the garland where I wanted it. The berries I got at Hobby Lobby, which are just shoved into the garland. 

Christmas Door




 We seem to get a lot of wind here, the first day I had the bows up on the pillars they blew away. When I put them back up I made sure to use zip ties to hold them to the garland. We wrapped all three of the pillars with garland and lights. Hubby also hung lights on the front of the house. 

Front Porch


Come on inside

As you enter our home from the front door you walk into our foyer. My thought for the foyer and half bathroom was rustic Christmas.




Utilizing things around the house was my way of cutting cost with making changes to my Christmas decor. I did this by moving things from one room to another. 

This ladder is an example of how I utilized things I already had. The welcome sign, the gas lantern and the lantern on the floor where all items I had elsewhere in our home.

This is a great way to changing your everyday decor as well to give your home a new look. 




Here is a close up of the lantern that is sitting on the floor. The Wheelbarrow was a tree ornament but I cut the string off and Mr. Snowman is a village accessory. 




On the wall behind the ladder is where my coke crate hangs. The Coke crake was my inspirational piece on how I would do this room. 

Christmas Coke Crate




Tucked in the corner

This corner of the foyer is kind of strange, not really sure what our builder intended this corner to be used for. But thankfully I already had this shelf that fit perfectly. 

Corner Shelf



On the second shelf those wood trees I picked up at my local Goodwill. The sign and truck are from Micheals, can you believe I got that truck for under five dollars. The only trouble is that one of the wheels was missing and it happened to be a front wheel. My wonderful husband was able to move the back wheel to the front, so it doesn’t even look like its missing a wheel. 




This cute rocking horse is Winter, last year after Christmas I found Winter on clearance. My husband questioned why I still had Christmas out after I bought him. I told hubby no that’s not Christmas its Winter. He will be displayed after Christmas again this year as well. Winter



Half Bathroom

The half bath isn’t very big so I kept it simple in there. Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are made out of paper, I used my cricut to cut them out. Target’s dollar spot is a great place to find reasonable decor, that’s where the red truck came from last year.  

Half Bath




Behind the door is where the cow picture and shelf are. I kept this simple as well by adding the little tree and gift box. The gift box was extra I had from when I did the coke crate, the beads are normally on this shelf. 






Heading into the living room

As you walk from the foyer to the living room we have this little wall with a mirror.  I wanted something that would tie the two rooms together and I thought the green from the wreath would go with the tree that is around the corner. The buffalo check ribbon I used other times in the foyer.

Wreathed mirror




My crock has been kind of sitting in limbo since I found it this past summer at a flea market. So I had my son find some wood pieces, he then cut them to the perfect size. I used more of the buffalo check ribbon to tie the pieces of wood and pine assent pieces together. 



Thanks for coming on my Christmas home tour part one with me. Keep a look out for Christmas Home Tour part two soon. 


                              Happy decorating ~ Jenny



Christmas Tree

Family Christmas Movie Nights


Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

If you know me at all personally you know that I love Christmas. I try and make the Christmas season as fun and memorable as I can for my kids.  A few years ago I started thinking of different ways I could do just that. Along with my love of Christmas comes my love for Christmas movies. So why not have family Christmas movie nights.


Movie Nights

I start planning our movie nights in late Septemeber you know right after the kids go back to school and the house is quiet. I use this time to plan not just the movies but I also make a quiz or have a game to go along with the movie.

Because I have so many  Christmas movies that I love to watch, our Christmas movie nights start in November and some nights we will have two movies. This year we will have a total of 11 movies with the very last one being Polar Express. 

 I decided to have my family help me with picking what movies we would watch. I made a list of our movies and each family member would rank the movies from favorite to least favorite. After everyone picked how they ranked our movies I decided what movies we would use, plus I added a couple new ones to our collection this year. 

I printed up a calendar for both November and December and wrote what movie would be showing on that night. We will kick off our family Christmas movie nights with my husbands all time favorite, Nation Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  I have to say it ranks number two with me as well, who doesn’t love some good old Griswold family vacations. 


A letter to the happy three

My kids love to get letters in the mail, so I printed up a letter to each one of the happy three inviting them to our family Christmas movie nights. In each of the letters, I send out tickets for each movie night. You can find where I found the tickets at in my Christmas board on Pinterest. In the letter, I include the date and what movie will be played. We do have a couple rules for movie nights. The first is best pajamas that they have, the second is they must bring their ticket in order for them to watch the movie and the final one is no devices. This is the first year for that, last year I watched my older two play around on their phones. I thought that it took away from family time, so phones are banned. 

Dinner to go along with the movie

Elf Bag
Elf Bag

Dinner is also included in our Christmas movie nights. The kids have always loved to eat dinner in front of the tv, and that is just what we do for our movie nights. Some of our dinners are themed to go along with the movie like for Home Alone we have pizza and ice cream sundaes for dessert. 

 I made these cute Elf treat bags to be filled with their snacks for the night we watch Elf. My youngest was home sick a few weeks back so I had her help me do these. First, we cut a strip of yellow paper for the belt. Then we made the belt buckle using the Cricket square shape and placed these cute black sticker buttons on.  

I think I will fill them with some popcorn from our local popcorn factory and a little candy. 

Making it even better

To make the family Christmas movie nights even better, I make up quizzes to go along with the movie. The family member that gets the best score on the quiz will get a small gift. Then on our last movie night, I have a total of who won the most quizzes and that person will get a gift. 

Since we have done this a few years now I have had to change things up. Last year we did some games to replace a quiz. Pinterest has some great ideas for games, and that is where I found the saran wrap ball game. I’m planning on doing this again this year, I have been thinking about how to make it harder. The answer is some kind of tape I believe. 

Another game I did was, I wrapped a gift box (they got a new Christmas movie) using tons of tape. Then gave them a Rudolf nose and oven mitts. They had a set time to put on the nose and oven mitts and try to open the gift.  It was the most fun thing to watch. My oldest figured out if the box was punched then they could grab the wrapping paper easier. This year I bought a cylinder gift box, I’m hoping this will be a little harder for them to punch. 

Happy Family Memory Making ~ Jenny