Command Wall

Mudroom/Closet Makeover

Mudroom Makeover


Mudroom Bench

When we bought our house I was happy that we would have a mudroom with a bench for the kid’s school bags and coats. You come into our mudroom from our garage, and this is the dumping place for the kids when they get home from school. Thankfully it’s normally only us that comes into the house through the mudroom since this bench can get really messy. 

Right before the kids went back to school I decided the mudroom needed to have a little makeover.  I also wanted to paint my command wall with chalkboard paint. 


Painting the chalkboard and Mudroom


Before Command Wall


This is the before picture of my command wall. Everything on this wall was staying except the little chalkboard since the whole wall would be painted with chalkboard paint. 



Taping the chalkboard wall


I started with measuring a straight line on the wall where I wanted the chalk paint to start, then I taped the line. I only wanted this little wall done with chalk paint so that meant I needed to tape the corner of the other wall and the doorway. 

The paint that our builder used in our house was basically a really good primer. So I chose not to use a primer on the walls. It took three coats of chalk paint to get it to look like I wanted it to look. I painted the rest of the mudroom the same color that we used in our half bath


Command Wall


Once all my painting of the mudroom was done, I made sure to prime the chalkboard wall. That was easier than what I thought it would be. All I needed to do was take a piece of white chalk and cover the whole wall with the chalk. Once I did that I then cleaned it a couple times with a wet cloth. 

I then hung my marker calendar board, the pencil holder that is used for the markers, and the clock. My command center is done. 


Home Sign


Roaster Picture


Metal Tin

These last few pictures are the decor that I have hanging in the mudroom. 



Closet Makeover


Closet Before


The closet in the mudroom is for storing the mop, broom, vacuum cleaner, my stockpile of ziplock bags and extra things that have no other place to go. 



Shoe organizer of ziplock bags


I like to stock up on stuff that we use every day so in this closet has been where I keep the extra ziplock bags and aluminum foil. I had it organized with this shoe organizer. Even though the shoe organizer was working it was also taking up room that could be better used for other things. 


Please can I have a shelving unit


Cleaned out closet


After a few months of thinking about what I wanted to be done with this closet,  I came up with it needing a shelving unit. After cleaning everything out of the closet my husband removed the wire shelf and gave the inside a quick coat of paint. Then we were off to Menards.



Shelf Boxes


Designer Image premium organizer in two different sizes is what we came up with to use in the closet. The paint is another project that I have going on. 



Shelves in


Preassembling the units in the other room made it easier for hubby to install the unit. The placement of the shelf was based on where I wanted my vacuum to go and being able to get the vacuum out.  He fastened them to the wall to give them more stability. 


Closet Makeover


Even though we took the wire shelf out. I still wanted a longer shelf for my bread machine to go on and a place for the coolers. The baskets hold all my extra plastic bags and other paper goods, water bottles are easily available and my Instant Pot fits perfect right in the middle. 



Broom hanger


I think the biggest thing that was bugging me about how the closet before. Was that every time I would grab the broom or mop out the other would come out with it. It seemed that I was always fitting with them. 

On the wall next to the vacuum we placed this hanger for the broom and mop. Best idea we made, I love not fitting the broom and mop.  I also have my bag where I store all my plastic bags hanging from a command hook.


Finished Unit

The other side of the unit is for the fire extinguisher, kitty food, and the step stool.  Overall I’m very happy with how the mudroom and closet turned out.  


Chalkboard painting was fun but writing on it is even better~ Jenny